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Is Winter Heart Attack Season?? Cold seasons can be troublesome for old age groups or someone with heart issues. There are increased chances of heart attack because of change in barometric pressure, wind,humidity and extremely cold temperatures. Because of negative temperature, there is narrowing of blood vessels, thickening of blood, and increasing load on the nervous system. Cold weather decreases the supply of oxygenated blood to cardiac muscle. And because of this heart has to work harder; as a result, the heart needs more oxygen-rich blood. Because of these changes a person may experience pain, shortness of breath, nauseous. These are a few signs of heart attack.

You can avoid winter heart attack by following a few simple tips:

Stay Warm

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Stay warm, wear in layers. Do not forget to wear caps, socks, hand gloves. Appropriate winter clothing can protect you from cold waves and therefore keep you safe from heart troubles.

Avoid excessive drinking

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Red wines or any drink with good cholesterol is good for our heart but should be taken in limit. Avoid consuming alcohol before going out in winters as it expands your blood vessels and you may feel warmer but actually it is eliminating your vital organ’s heat. 

Eat healthy

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Eating healthy and balanced food is best to have a happy and healthy heart. High quality fat, protein , legumes, green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, eggs , fish, low fat milk, are heart friendly. Be heart smart and choose your diet wisely!

Come inside often

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Limit your cold exposure and don’t exert yourself too much. Snow exposure or walking in speed with wind blowing your side. Give yourself a break and come inside a warm house to protect yourself from continuous cold waves.

Get a flu shot

In Winter the chances of flu due to low humidity and indoor heating increases .During this pandemic chances of Covid and flu is highly dangerous in anyone with heart disease.As of now you can only maintain social distance for Covid 19 but get a flu shot for general flu. And if you feel yourself developing symptoms of the flu, talk to your physician before medicating.


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Winters bring joy and happiness but for a few groups it can be psychologically stressful. So be prepared to handle cold waves in advance. Stay warm and protect yourself by covering in layers. Act wisely and be heart smart! And in case of emergency visit our clinic as we have best cardiologist in Gurgaon.


Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in India with the stats showing more than 28% of deaths in India are due to unhealthy heart. So keeping your heart healthy and happy is very crucial for your long life. Our heart is a very delicate organ and an unhealthy lifestyle can be stressful for our heart.  There are many things we can avoid or eliminate from our day to day life to keep our heart happy. Here I am listing 6 ways to keep your heart happy and healthy. Following them can change your life forever. 

heart specialist doctor in gurgaonEat Healthy

Fresh fruits and green leafs , low sodium canned drinks, vegetables,high fibre cereals, healthy fats,low fat- protein foods like eggs, legumes, lean meats, fishes should be included in your meal. Avoid full fat milk, butter, oils, bacon fat,coconut , unhealthy fats,refined flour, fried products. Intake of sodium in salts, canned soups, ready to eat food should be minimized. Avoid junks and restaurant food to keep your heart happy.

Quit Smoking

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Say no to substantial drugs, quit smoking and drinking. Avoid being a passive smoker. Avoid Tobacco that is going to help your heart and blood vessels to be disease-free. Studies reveal that smoking is the top most risk factor for coronary artery diseases. Quitting tobacco and alcohol can be overall helpful for your health along with your heart.

Stay Active And Stretch Out

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Stretch Out , exercise, jog and keep moving. Staying active keeps you energetic and is good for your health. It helps you to stay flexible, strong , relaxes you and reduces your stress. Stress is an important risk factor for deteriorating your heart’s health. Yoga and meditation can also show positive effects on your heart. Stay active and stretch out!

Slim Down

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Obesity is the storehouse of many diseases . It is said that by 2025 , India will be second largest country with obese population in the world i.e 17 million people in this category. Reduce your calories, use stairs instead of lifts/ elevator , have a balanced diet, keep moving and decrease your BMI for a healthy heart.

Indulge in Sexual Activity

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Playing  between sheets can be good for your heart. Yes, sex reduces your stress, you engage in some workout and it is more than just a fun or pleasure. It decreases your BP and risk of any cardiac diseases. 

Raise a glass

heart specialist doctor in gurgaon Say no to alcohol and raise a glass of water to stay hydrated. You can also add a little quantity of red wine that has good cholesterol in it. Moderate drinking promotes good heart health. But when it comes to regular drinking , it is bad for your overall health. 


Staying positive about life and living a stress free life is a key factor to keep your heart happy. You can travel , have pet therapy , eat dark chocolates,enjoy your life and stay healthy. Stay away from bad habits and cut out your fats.  For any kind of query or any risk of cardiac diseases consult Cardiac Second Opinion as they have best heart specialist in Gurgaon.

Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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