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Second Opinion For
Your Heart Problems

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Cardiac Second Opinion is a website which has been designed specifically for those who are seeking for the second opinion after being advised an intervention which they are not sure of. In India, after visiting a heart doctor or surgeon, he likely gets a different opinion which makes him confused about which treatment he should go for. To fill this vacuum, Cardiac Second Opinion is designed by making use of algorithms based on American Heart Association and European Cardiological Society which have made guidelines which dictate the treatment as per the disease and not the doctor. Cardiac Second Opinion has a full team comprising Specialist Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Bariatric Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists, and Non-Interventional Cardiologists (for treatment with medicines only) on its panel.

We are specialised in Adult, Pediatric,Cardiac Arrhythmias & Heart Failure diseases.

Cardiac Second Opinion Is Best Cardiologist & Heart Specialist in Gurgaon

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Meet The Team Of Best Cardiologists in ( Gurgaon ) India

Founding Director- Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Mahesh Wadhwani

Dr. Mahesh Wadhwani is an exemplary surgeon and is credited to be a part of over 6000 surgeries in his 11 years of experience.


Founding Director- Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Manvinder Singh

Dr. Manvinder Singh Sachdev is a Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist and Interventionist at Medanta.


Founding Director- Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Bharat B. Kukreti

Dr. Bharat Kukreti has been associated with many institutions of repute –
AIIMS and KGMC to name a few.





It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


Dr Mahesh is an experienced doctor as well as a great human being. I was admitted to hospital with my Mitral valve leakage. He explained me the whole procedure so well. He performed surgery & took a great pain to repair my valve instead of changing it.Thank you.


Ms Jaishree Dhawan


Dr Mahesh performed the bypass surgery on my father. The surgery was very complicated as he is 75 yrs old. He was diagnosed with a triple vessel disease and Dr Mahesh suggested that the best way to go ahead is with a cardiac surgery. Thank you Dr Mahesh.




Dr. Bharat is a great surgeon and a very nice person overall. The doctor and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with all my heart problems. When I visited the team from day ne I have hained the confidence, Thank you Cardiac Second Opinion team.


Nisha Sharma


Words are not enough to express myself as today I am feeling amazing just beacuse of them. They gave me much more than health – they gave me my life back. One that I can still enjoy with my family and grandchildren. Thank you Dr. Manvinder Singh and team.



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