LA Myxoma Surgery in Delhi, India

LA Myxoma

An LA myxoma is a benign tumor in the heart. Myxomas usually begin in the walls that divide the lower heart ventricles, growing into the atrium — treatment for the same needs to be taken to avoid clot formation and metastasis. Additionally, the untreated growth of the tumor can hinder the blood flow through the heart.LA Myxomas can be treated through surgical removal.

Myxoma often grows from a stalk in the left atrium of the heart and moves freely with the blood flow. It may move to the nearby mitral valve, which is open through the left atrium towards the left ventricle. By this activity, myxoma may hinder the opening of the valve, which obstructs the flow of blood to the heart.

What are the symptoms of the LA myxoma?

  • Disruption in blood flow may lead to the breathlessness
  • Fainting
  • Fever
  • Joint pain
  • Immediate weight loss

How to diagnose LA myxoma?

Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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