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Good 30 years back, I was a teenager, high on adrenaline when I first heard about operation desert shield/storm in 1990-91. I distinctly remember when I picked up a newspaper at my home on the morning of 3rd august 1990, the headline said: “Iraq attacks Kuwait”. The article went on about the unrest in the “gulf” due to oil, Iraqi govt financially impoverished by a long war at home and with Iran, demanded 10 billion US dollars from Kuwait due to its perceived losses in Rumailla fields. When compensation did not come through, Iraq invaded Kuwait on 2 August, it was an easy win for Iraq, as in part one was expecting this movie, and also because the military might of Iraq was far superior.War in Iraq Begins - HISTORY

To us in India, it did not mean much, as it never affected our lives directly, or even indirectly. Gulf was literally always on the war from the time oil was found there. Decades of Iran-Iraq war and many small scale wars between Saudi, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon were at best a nightmare in history books for Indian students. A tough list of events and dates to memorize!

However it all changed one night for me, there used to be a program on the national tv channel DD titled “The world this week”. We did not have any private news channels then. This program telecasted only on Friday nights as a weekly round-up of news and events across the world. I vividly remember seeing missile being fired and bombs being dropped, as real video clippings thanks to CNN footage obtained by The world this week. This was new, for the first time actual live videos of a real war were being sent across the world and sold for profit! Such visuals started coming almost daily as a part of the news on DD, updates of gulf war became a norm, even many times a day, different news related to war was being telecasted courtesy CNN.

This soon became an international obsession, the whole world was getting almost an hourly update of the war. The war had become a show! This brought television as a powerful tool and through it delivered what appealed to the human psyche the most, human misery and death.

This was repeated in India by the owners of NDTV channel (erstwhile producers of the world this week) during their live coverage of Kargil war in 1999 between India and Pakistan, Barkha Dutt as a reporter on the ground became a national celebrity almost instantaneously after this transmission. To us Indians what was started during the Gulf war, got an encore in Kargil war.
Barkha Dutt in tiger Hill July 1999

Fast forward almost two decades, and another human tragedy the Swine flu hit us hard. This was the first pandemic where from a very early stage we had a fair level of media attention and the 15-18 months period of rising and subsequent fall of number and severity of cases was documented. Pandemic started from North America, possibly from Mexico, and spread across the world. Initial mortality of H1N1 was in the range of 8-10%, and with initial mutations, rapidly came down to 3-5% range for the early half of this pandemic period. Later half of this pandemic was like any other flu season, with mortality going below 0.5%. There were even allegations that WHO along with many big pharma companies “created” a “false pandemic”. However, this was a known enemy, we had faced it many times, there were ready medicines, and vaccine also came about, the previous flu vaccines could give partial immunity and many individuals had innate immunity. Overall swine flu officially infected 491,382(lab confirmed) cases, though the estimated number was anywhere between 700million to 1.4 billion, which is almost one-fifth of humans. Death officially was pegged as 18,449(lab confirmed) though estimated deaths were anywhere between 1.5-6millions. Though public frenzy was there, it was not over the top, and public health care systems handled the scenario well(at least in the hindsight).

Covid China
Fast forward another 10 years, and hell has broken loose! This time the enemy was unknown, and the origin place being China, everybody suspected the source of virus(including yours truly). There are countless conspiracy theories, about the origin, propagation, severity, and even pathophysiology of this infection. The rapidity with which this disease spread caught everybody by surprise. The media attention to this pandemic has been truly unparalleled. In the history of humankind, no other “event” has received this much attention. The world literally stopped due to “lockdown”. WHOs role in this pandemic has been far from satisfactory. Initial false reassurance that there is no human to human transmission and later overly scary nonscientific updates confused the medical and administrative faculty worldwide, and continue to do so.

The role of media has been far from satisfactory, the initial sensationalization of the whole epidemic,  keeping a public count and updates being given almost hourly has caught the maximum public frenzy ever! From the point of view of the media, this is the biggest show ever! What was practiced during swine flu, got an encore here, and the art of selling fears, perfected? Even I bought it, initially and fear pulverized me.

Dr Mahesh Wadhwani | best cardiologist in indiaWe doctors, particularly we, the heart surgeons have always been at war with germs. There is no other branch where the obsession with cleanliness and sterility is more than in cardiac surgery. After all if even one of our patients gets infected, it’s either an infection of the heart or in chest bone, both can potentially be lethal in their own right. So we are constantly at war with bugs. Washing hands repeatedly, not touching objects unnecessarily, wearing masks for prolonged duration are all typical tenants of training in cardiac surgery. I realized soon in this Pandemic that we cardiac surgeons are perfectly suited to fight this disease. Alas, my confidence did not last long, as very soon the news from the UK came, where a junior cardiac surgeon, posted on COVID duty died due to the same disease. One more senior cardiac surgeon died in south India, taking away all my early confidence about remaining on top of this disease.

With time, however, it has dawned on me that it’s like many other pandemics in that sense. Early mortality was in the range of 8-10%, it’s steadily coming down. Trick is to delay the inevitable, and keep telling the virus “not today” and hopefully later when it has attenuated more, the virus will spare us the complications and learn to live with us. That’s why we have to learn to live with COVID (#livewithcovid). I feel if we stay very cautious and follow all the principles of avoiding infection, and with a dash of luck, we will not get it. It’s more of hope than a plan, but then humans have fought wars with much fewer chances and won many times in the past. On this note, I would also appeal to all readers that we humans were threatened by a small virus and were reminded by mother nature once more, that we are tenants only on this planet, let’s not try to be the owners of mother earth. At least let’s try to live on earth as responsible tenants and respect nature more.

As for media personnel, I understand you all also are human beings and it’s natural for you also to be scared of this disease. Let’s tone down the rhetoric for now, and put a slow end to this “show”. There were many a medical crisis in the past and there will be many in the future, let’s not make it commercial. As you well know, operation desert storm did bring some results and stability in the gulf, but the 2003 Iraq war turned out to be based on a false premise of weapons of mass destruction, when there were none.


Best Cardiac Hospital Near Me

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So let’s Get start from screech which hospital is best for cardiac. We share 10 Best Cardiac Second Opinion Hospital near you those are good for you and not charge so much or your money.

Cardiac Second Opinion, Gurgaon

Cardiac Second Opinion hospital is a unique portal to dispense online medical opinion in the field of cardiac sciences. It stays true to the internationally accepted guidelines provided by organizations like american heart association (AHA) and European cardio-logical society (ECS). On this platform any individual, from India or abroad, can get an opinion from eminent cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, electro-physiologists, cardiac anesthetizes, cardiac intensivists, cardiac rehab scientists, heart failure specialists for any heart related condition. Such consultations were so far available only in hospital setting, that too in big cities.

We are trying to bring the most scientific way of treating a patient, that is a heart team approach. AHA and ECS recommend this as class 1A indication to follow for clinically stable patients. In simple words, it means that with a ‘heart team approach’, the best and most scientifically evaluated treatment protocol is advised to the patient as per current standards. These standards may get revised every few years and we make sure to remain updated with them.

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Forties Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi

   New Delhi, India   Established in : 1988   Number of Beds : 285   Multi Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Fort…

  • The hospital was awarded as the best cardiology hospital in India by Consumer Department.

  • It has treated more than 70,000 patients in the last 22 years.

  • The cardiac unit was the first to introduce Asia’s first operational fluid management technologies.

  • The hospital has attributed in doing India’s first,

    1. Trans-Catheter aortic-valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure

    2. Subcutaneous Defibrillator implantation (S-ICD) procedure

     c. Pacemaker implanted via Bundle Pacing

  • It was also the first in Asia to introduce minimal access surgery, and robotic surgery to treat heart disease.

  • There are specialty clinics such as ICD clinic, pacemaker clinic, and heart failure clinic.

Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon

   Gurgaon, India   Established in : 2009   Number of Beds : 1250   Super Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Medanta

  • The hospital has a vast team of 30 cardiologists, that ensures complete patient evaluation from all perspectives, also keeping into consideration the ethical standards.

  • The team has a cumulative experience of 4,000 surgeries under the team leader Dr. Naresh Trehan.

  • Dr. Naresh Trehan has 5 decades of experience in cardiovascular surgeries. He has also received awards from the Government of India for his distinguished services in Medicine.

  • The hospital is among-st the best cardiology hospital in India with the leading edge technologies like the unique hybrid operating suite, robotic heart surgery and other minimally invasive techniques offering excellent precision and accuracy.

  • There are 9 operation theaters in the cardiology department, well-equipped with the ultra-modern infrastructure.

  • Several complex heart surgeries such as Per-cutaneous Valve Therapies, Redo Operations, Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization etc. are routinely performed.

  • A special focus is given on prevention of cardiac diseases in which patients are counseled for a healthy heart and handling emergencies.

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai

   Chennai, India   Established in : 1983   Super Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Apollo Hospital

  • The hospital is counted among-st the top 10 cardiology hospitals in India as it was the first one to introduce MitraClip, a cutting-edge technology in cardiology.

  • It was also the first hospital to do India’s first successful Trans-catheter mitral valve replacement.

  • 99.6% of the cardiac bypass surgeries are beating heart surgeries, in which the heart-lung machine is not used, thus providing faster recovery and lesser damage to the body.

  • The center is armed with state of art equipment for accurate diagnosis, which includes, 320 slice CT Scanner, 64 slice CT angiography, transesophageal echocardiography etc.

  • It has a record of doing about 1,52,000 cardiac surgeries, which is the highest in entire south-east Asia.

  • A distinct section is established for pediatric patients, which has treated thousands of cases especially congenital heart diseases and cardiac surgeries.

  • The team of the best cardiologists in India has performed over 85,000 angiographies and more than 50,000 coronary angioplasties.

  • Dr. M Sitaram, one of the best cardiologists in India, is working with the hospital for the last 18 years. He has also worked for the Indian Army.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

   New Delhi, India   Established in : 1959   Number of Beds : 650   Super Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at BLK …

  • The cardiology team is recognized internationally and pioneered in the field of total arterial grafting, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, and coronary bypass surgery.

  • The doctors have an experience of performing more than 20,000 Intervention procedures including endovascular and congenital heart procedures.

  • The team has done over 4000 total arterial grafting and over 400 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries.

  • Dr. Ajay Kaul, one of the best cardiologists in India, works with BLK hospital. He has an experience of over 36 years and has performed more than 10,000 cardiac surgeries, which include 4000 cardiac bypass surgeries.

  • The hospital has launched a community heart awareness and prevention program as a part of which, they provide several benefits such as free health checkups and free consultation with senior cardiologists of the hospital.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

   New Delhi, India   Established in : 1996   Number of Beds : 1000   Multi Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Indraprastha

  • The hospital falls in the category of the top cardiology hospitals in India holding an unmatched record of 1,52,000 cardiac surgeries

  • As many as 100 advanced and basic procedures are carried out every day including echo, stress echo, vascular Doppler studies, and TMT.

  • 95% of surgeries are beating heart surgeries, thus offering fast recovery and least damage.

  • The team is expert in handling complicated cases related to Coronary artery bypass surgery, Neonatal heart surgery or Valvular heart disease.

  • Apollo is the pioneer in Coronary Artery Stinting and LASER angioplasty since 2002.

  • The cardiac surgeons are experts in advanced techniques like Per cutaneous Transmittal Septal Myocardial Ablation.

  • Apollo has an overall success rate of 98% including emergency cases and repair of complex congenital defects.

  • Has Well-equipped third-generation cath labs, critical care, and intensive care units.

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

   New Delhi, India   Established in : 1989   Number of Beds : 252   Super Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Max …

  • The hospital was the first place to introduce CRT therapy in India in 2000.

  • It offers alternative treatment options for end-stage heart failure such as Pacemaker, Heart hole surgeries, pediatric cardiac surgery,angiography etc.

  • Dr. KK Talwar is working with the hospital as a senior cardiologist. He has 39 years of working experience and was awarded Padma Bhushan award in 2006.

  • Dr. Talwar specializes in complex surgeries like CABG.

Narayana Multiplicity Hospital, Bangalore

   Bangalore, India   Established in : 2000   Multi Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Narayana

The hospital falls in the category of 10 topmost cardiology hospitals in India, for having cardiology experts highly experienced to offer advanced treatment for conditions such as myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, cardiomyopathy and many more.

  • It is well equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge devices such as catheter ablation of arrhythmias, cardioversion, resynchronization therapy for heart failure, trans telephonic arrhythmia monitoring etc.

  • The hospital has won several prestigious awards such as Public Health Champion Award by WHO India in 2015, India Health and Wellness Award in 2014, and Philanthropy Award by Forbes India in 2013.

  • There is a distinct unit of cardiology for pediatric patients, which is led by Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, who is one of the best cardiac surgeons in India.

  • Dr. Shetty has an experience of more than 28 years and has performed over 15,000 operations so far.

  • Narayana Health is one of the few hospitals in the country providing non-surgical lead extraction in patients with infected leads.

Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

   Gurgaon, India   Established in : 2007   Number of Beds : 350   Super Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Artemis

  • The cardiology department has achieved an expertise in treating ischemic heart disease, congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, and endocarditis.
  • The Artemis Heart Center was the first place to get accredited with JCI and NABH certifications.
  • The hospital has done over 25,000 successful surgeries in the last 5 years.
  • The unit has one of the topmost cardiologists in India has achieved an expertise in performing surgeries like angiographies, complex angioplasty, stinting, bifurcations, closure of congenital heart defects, and valvuloplasty.
  • One of the senior consultants at the hospital, Dr. Manjinder Sandhu has an experience of over 28 years. He has served the Honorable President of India during the tours.

Global Hospitals, Chennai

   Chennai, India   Established in : 1999   Number of Beds : 1000   Multi Specialty About Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery at Global

  • The Global hospital, Chennai is considered as one of the best cardiology hospitals in India with the latest technology, highly skilled physicians, supportive staff and well-equipped wards.

  • The hospital provide treatment options for various heart conditions such as myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, heart failure, irregular heart beat etc.

  • It is also known for doing the best minimally invasive surgery India. These surgeries allow the patients to recover faster with least damage to the body.

  • Dr. Sandeep Attawar, one of the senior cardiologist at the hospital has an experience of over 21 years. He is known to perform over 10,000 surgeries, both open and closed heart and adults and children.

  • Dr. Attawar specialists in beating heart CABG, repeat cardiac surgeries, heart and lung transplantation, complex correction for congenital heart disease.


Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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