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In some patients infected with corona, the symptoms of a heart attack have been seen instead of the symptoms of the disease. However, it was seen in older patients. Surprisingly, even in some preliminary investigations, these symptoms came from heart disease itself but later it was found that the cause of these symptoms is an infection of the corona in the lungs.

Our breath is always vulnerable to the coronavirus because it enters our body only through the breath. New information about this Virus is being given by the Medical Scientists. Some patients of Corona were found in other countries, in which the symptoms of this disease were not seen at the initial stage. Rather they had symptoms of a heart attack.

Does COVID 19 affect the human heart?

Based on the initial screening and the symptoms seen in the patients, it was believed that the corona affects the person’s respiratory tract and lungs only. But as the cases of corona infection continued to grow, new information about it started coming out. The corona increases inflammation in the heart muscle, causing difficulty in pumping the heart and blood supply. This causes severe chest pain and sometimes the speed of the beats is also affected.

Risk increases in heart patients

Heart patients need to take extra care to avoid COVID because compared to normal people, if the heart patients get corona infection, then their risk for life is up to 10 %. That is, the risk becomes double for them as compared to normal people. Corona infection first affects the lungs. After this, the other organ of the body becomes vulnerable to it. Lack of oxygen in the lungs also affects the heart. A lot of caution is needed.

Risk of life increases in these diseases

  • As per the Cardiologists, patients with diabetes, hypertension, or blood pressure, along with heart patients, also have a manifold increased risk of corona infection.
  • If compared to normal people, like heart patients, the risk of infection in patients with diabetes increases by 6 % and the risk of high BP increases by 7.3 %

This is how heart patients should take care

There are only two most important things for heart patients right now. Number one is that they should stay at home i.e. take care of social distancing. The second thing is to avoid tension. Every patient of heart disease needs to stay at home, spend time with family and be tension free. Take care of yourself more than normal people as coronavirus is proving very dangerous for heart patients. Heart patients should be more alert and take medicines on time.

This should be the schedule of heart patients

  • Keep your routine for sleeping and waking up the same and do not make any changes in it.
  • Relax and get a full sleep.
  • Take a healthy and proper diet and do not be careless about medicines.
  • Be physically active. Make a routine of walk, yoga and exercise at home.
  • Take care of yourself more than normal people

This is how corona affects the heart

Severe chest pain is usually considered to be a symptom of heart disease. While this problem was not seen as symptomatic in most of the corona patients and is seen only in select and usually older patients. Lung infection is also the cause of pain near the chest. When corona causes a fatal infection in the lungs, it affects the heart, due to this, it looks like a heart attack is seen on the ECG. The troponin test, which is done to check for heart attack due to inflammation in the membranes above the heart, was also positive in corona patients. Some patients have difficulty breathing due to inflammation of muscles and membranes and some have heaviness in the chest while pumping of the heart is reduced in some patients.

Our Advice: Visit your doctor regularly for a checkup. Talk to a doctor immediately if you have more or less heartbeat. Take nutritious diet continuously, keep on drinking lukewarm water too. Avoid catering with strong spices. Get used to exercising. Get the body oxygen checked continuously.

Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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