What is Cardiac Second Opinion?

Cardiac Second Opinion is a unique portal provides online information about the cardiac treatment choices. It stays true to the internationally accepted guidelines provided by the organizations like American Heart Association (AHA) and European cardiological Society (ECS). Any individual from India or international can use this portal to get an opinion regarding their treatment from the renowned cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, electrophysiologists, cardiac anaesthetists, cardiac intensivists, cardiac rehab scientists, heart failure specialists for any heart related condition. As of now, these typical consultations are only available in the hospitals which are located in the big cities. We are also implementing the most scientific approach to treat the patient. 

Benefits of cardiac Second Opinion:

  • Helps in correct diagnosing and providing information for further medical analysis and treatment
  • Provides opinion for the treatment process or any other alternatives 
  • Allows you to opt for the treatment based on your medical condition
  • It may save your time and money in the long term 
  • In some cases, the second opinion helps to avoid the unwanted procedures and surgeries

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Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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