Acyanotic Heart Disease Treatment in Delhi, India

Acyanotic Heart Disease

Acynotic Heart Disease causes heart defects which are congenital cardiac malformations which affect the atrial and ventricular walls, heart valves or large blood vessels. Some common causes of this disease include genetic defects such as trisomies, maternal infections such as rubella or even maternal consumption of drugs/alcohol during pregnancy. This disease overtime causes pulmonary hypertension. The symptoms are dependent on malformation and resulting impairment of cardiac function. Infants, who suffer from this disease, may be asymptomatic or may have exercise intolerance, failure to thrive and symptoms of heart failure. Some of clues for establishing a diagnosis are heart murmurs. These can be confirmed with the help of echocardiography. For indication of surgery and procedure planning, chest x-ray, MRI, or cardiac catheterization may be required.


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