Heart assist device

Heart assist device

A heart assist device or a ventricular assist device is a mechanical pump which is used to support the heart function and blood flow in those patients who have weakened hearts. This device helps to take the blood from a lower chamber of the heart and helps in pumping it to the body and vital organs just like normal heart would. It may be used if one or both of the lower chambers of the heart, the ventricles, don’t work properly.

The parts of VAD include a small tube carrying blood out of the heart into a pump, another tube carrying the blood from the pump to the blood vessels delivering blood to the body and to a power source.

The power source which is connected to a control unit monitoring VAD’s functions gives warnings or alarms if the power is low and if the device isn’t working right. Some VADs are used to pump blood like the heart and others to keep up a continuous flow of blood

Dr. Mahesh Wadhwani

Chief of Cardiac Surgery & HOD
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