Balloon Treatment For Heart Valve

Balloon Treatment for Heart Valve

A Balloon Treatment for heart valve is a process of repairing the narrowed heart valves. This procedure is undertaken when the valve flaps become thick or stiff and fuse. The stiffness narrows down the valve opening and reduces the flow of blood through the valve. Valvuloplasty is a procedure that improves the symptoms and circulation of the blood through the valves.

After evaluation, the doctors decide if this is the right treatment for the patient. For those who have aortic valve stenosis, the doctor may recommend them valvuloplasty to repair the mitral valve and aortic valve. This procedure is also used in infants, children, and pregnant women. This process can also be performed to treat people with narrowed tricuspid or pulmonary valves.

Valvuloplasty helps to improve the blood flow through the heart and reduce symptoms. If the valves narrow down again, valvuloplasty is required to be performed again in the future.

How Balloon Treatment For Heart Valve is Done?

You would be awake during the process but the doctors will give you sedatives so that you remain relaxed. A doctor places a catheter into a blood vessel through the upper leg (groin) area and will move it up to your heart through the blood vessel. The catheter has a small balloon at its tip. The balloon is inflated and deflated several times when the catheter reaches the narrow heart valve. The main purpose of the balloon inflation is to widen the narrowed heart valves, a post that the doctors take out the catheter and balloon from the body.

Opinion based on American heart association guidelines

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