Acute Coronary Syndrome can be dangerous for the heart but can be prevented by changing lifestyle!

Acute Coronary Syndrome can be dangerous for the heart but can be prevented by changing lifestyle!

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Acute Coronary Syndrome is a condition in which the blood flow to the coronary artery suddenly decreases. Because of this, the blood does not reach the heart in sufficient quantity. As a result, a person may have a stroke, angina, or heart attack. This is usually due to fat deposits on the walls of the coronary artery. Due to these arteries, the heart gets essential nutrients and oxygen. If sufficient oxygen reaches the heart, the cells of the heart muscle may die. A heart attack is more likely in such a situation.

Symptoms of acute coronary syndrome


1- Chest pain, also known as angina. In addition to chest pain at times, pressure and burning sensation are also felt.

2- This pain passes from the chest to the shoulders, arms, and neck.

3- Vomiting starts and digestion does not happen properly.

4 – There is difficulty in breathing.

5- Suddenly, you start sweating and get tired.

However, these symptoms may vary according to the person’s age, gender, and medical condition.

What are the reasons for this and who is at risk?

When fat accumulates on the walls of the coronary artery, then block occurs. Due to this, neither the blood flow nor the nutrients reach the heart properly. In such a situation, the cells of the heart muscle die, but even if there is no death, these cells become so weak that they cannot function properly.


For the treatment of acute coronary syndrome, it must be detected first. ECG is done for this, which is known as an electrocardiogram. Also, this syndrome is detected through blood tests and cardiac perfusion scans. Based on these tests, doctors decide whether the symptoms are angina or a heart attack. Then treatment is started accordingly.

Explain that acute coronary syndrome is a medical emergency. That is, it requires immediate treatment. If any person shows the above-mentioned symptoms, he should contact the treating doctor as soon as possible.

Lifestyle changes

In some people, acute coronary syndrome can be prevented. Heart disease can directly cause the acute coronary syndrome, but people who do not have heart disease can protect themselves by practicing healthy lifestyles:

  • Following a heart-healthy diet: Eating a healthy diet that includes whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
  • Do not smoke: People who smoke and take drugs can take counseling to help them quit.
  • Staying active: Engaging in regular exercise to stay physically fit. Have to do moderate exercise at least 2-3 hours a week.
  • Paying attention to numbers: People should know their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and understand what the optimal range of numbers mean.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation: Drinking one or more alcoholic beverages per day can increase blood pressure.

In addition to their daily medication, people who have had problems such as heart attacks in the past may also be instructed to take a child’s aspirin. Aspirin helps prevent platelets from forming clots and helps reduce the risk of another heart attack by about 22 percent.


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